Our program of weekend courses has been running since 2014. Explore the five courses on offer.
Bricks Weekend
On the brick weekend we'll create bricks and block work with texture and tape, using a stencil and by painting vac formed mouldings. We'll look at ceramic brick tiling and if time allows through in a bit of sign writing.
Wood Weekend
A selection of interior and exterior wood finishes are included. We'll paint oak and mahogany wood grained panels, create a raised grain old oak finish, and aged down gate post, and old shed door with peels paint and a stained parquet floor.
Box Set Weekend
Bread and butter scenic painting. We'll cover filling, sanding, sealing. hanging wall paper, basic decorating as well as how to age scenery create crackle glaze, stencil signs and paint a tiled floor.
Stone Weekend
We'll cover Flagstone and slate floors, Portland stone and different types of concrete. We’ll also learn how to paint faux marble.
Metal Weekend
The metal weekend will include galvanized corrugated Steel, rusty steel panels and cast iron, faux steel and bronze verdigris, painted gold and gilding with dutch metal.